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Glen Wakeman is a prominent businessman, investor, entrepreneur, mentor and a writer. Mr. Glen is also known an International business executive. Immediately he graduated from High School, Wakeman joined the University of Chicago. He has a vast experience which runs for almost 21 years with him having lived in more than six countries and working in over 32 countries. Glen Wakeman love to develop business and he does the development using his five structured procedures among them; governance, human capital, risk management, execution as well as leadership. He has been at the forefront of assisting startups to reach their full potential, and he has also founded several organizations.

Glen Wakeman is the founder and the President of Nova Four which is an organization which provides planning advice as well as capital for developing companies. At the firm, Glen plays a significant role in being the Chief Executive officer of coaching as well as performing the board duties. After his graduation from the University of Chicago with an MBA and later the University of Scranton with a BS in Economics and Finance, Mr. Wakeman joined GE Capital where he was responsible for operation management, leadership management, As well as business development. After a year of serving at GE Capital (ThePerfectReporter).

Glen Wakeman is an outstanding leader, Chief executive Officer and President who has not only been successful but has also achieved what other leaders and managers at his position have never reached. He is the founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, which is described as a SAAS company. LaunchPad Holdings is an online business firm which h has a mandate of providing strategic advice to developing organizations. Mr. Wakeman is a blogger and a published writer who blogs a lot advising other investors as well as entrepreneurs. Some of the topics he blogs about includes business transformation, capital raising, angel financing, leadership as well as advice on planning. He loves business growth as well as execution.

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How Matt Badiali’s Geological Expertise Has Helped Many Invest in Natural Resources

Successful business people employ hands on approach in their day to day running of their businesses. They like talking to everyone whom they feel can add value to their investment prospects and like travelling a lot. This is the same strategy employed by Matt Badiali, an expert in the mining, agricultural and energy industries. Matt Badiali is a renowned contributor to the Banyan Publishing, a publication which gives people advice concerning the available investment opportunities across the globe.

Matt Badiali is a very resourceful person pertaining investments in the three sectors due to his travel exposures. He has been to Iraq, Haiti, Papua New Guinea Hong Kong, Turkey, Singapore, Switzerland and many more countries in search of good business opportunities. In his business travels, he has been able to visit numerous oil wells and mines world over. He has also had the opportunity to interview numerous CEOs from different companies concerning their resource prospects and has analyzed such geologic data into useful forms for any interested investor to use.

For instance, he has interviewed the legendary oilman Boone Pickens and has shared the stage with Pan American Silver chairman, Ross Beaty. Mat is also a personal friend to Rick Rule, the CEO of Sprott U.S Holdings. Mr. Badiali has also taught geology at the University of Carolina as well as Duke University.

Most investors, or to be investors often overlook the various investment opportunities around them. But with Matt’s analytic skills and his expertise in geological aspects, investors can use his well analyzed data to invest their money where it counts. As a geologist and financial analyst, in addition to his unique experiences world over, Matt has gained a competitive edge in this lucrative sector of natural resources.

Matt has studied natural resources for the past two decades and has gained a lot of insights concerning investment opportunities in natural resources. He has worked in drill rigs, explored abandoned mines as well as owned oil wells all in an effort to make lucrative investments in natural resources.

Most of his commentaries in the Banyan Hills Publication, a Wall Street Journal for which he is a regular contributor have come into fruition. For instance he warned about the Saudi manipulation of oil prices and true to his word everything has proved to be true. In 2016, he anticipated that the price of copper would hit the $10,000 mark by 2018 and truly the price has seen a tremendous increase since 2016.

The palladium bull market flies in the face of what investors “know” right now.It began back in January 2016 and has…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Friday, October 20, 2017

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