Siteline Cabinetry Comes Through In Modern Ways

Changing the cabinets in your home is not an ordinary procedure. Just making the decision that you do need to make a change can be excruciating. However, my husband had just been promoted to sales manager of his company and we planned on doing some serious entertaining. We wanted to open up our kitchen area into more of an all-purpose area and the storage needs had changed considerably.

It was clear that we were going to need some special customization rather than just any old “cookie-cutter” solution. We live in a small town, so we were aware of who was local in the cabinet industry. We did some checking and the prices for custom work was out of sight.

After exhausting our local and area possibilities we went online for our search. We were looking for anyone within our state now, who could do custom work at a decent price, and we came up with several possibilities, but one, in particular, stood out. It was a company called Siteline Cabinetry. After looking into Siteline more deeply, we gave them a call at their home office. They told us that there was a representative not far from where we lived. The put us in touch with him and he paid us a visit.

As we visited with the Siteline Cabinetry rep we became more impressed, and then we became believers. Siteline spends considerable time and effort making the entire cabinet project right for the customer. They find out exactly what you want to do with the storage area, and then provide options for completion.

For example, when we gave our reasons for the desired change, the Siteline rep asked us even further as to our intentions. He has some very good suggestions which we had not even though of that we really liked. Siteline can design the cabinets to fit your vision, and they need not be “Cookie-Cutter” because everything is custom-made.

The choices of colors, materials, finishes, and special designs was unbelievable. Once we made our final decisions, we sent the plans off to the main plant of Siteline. When the final product was installed, we had our dream turned into a reality.