Contributions of Avi Weisfogel Towards the Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who from the first day of his career, has been involved in the treatment of sleep patients. He managed to attain success immediately while working in New Jersey. He managed to reach this point through his interest in providing marketing and business services for the dentists. It is at this point that he was able to join the varied marketing clubs that are offered in dentistry.

He became very successful at marketing full mouth rehabs and implants. However, he still did not find a marketing strategy that was successful in providing a constant stream of the oral appliance patients. This change came when he left his general practice in the year 2010 in order to open a company that was dedicated to sleep. Over the time that he was involved in dental practice, he realized that there was a greater and emerging health problem in most of his patients. He noticed that they had sleeping disorders that included sleep apnea. This is a condition where as a person sleeps, they tend to hold their breath continually, which deprives the individual off a good night rest.

One of the major contributions that Avi has done is in his research on sleep deprivation. He was committed and determined despite the fact that it took him two years and had to use millions of dollars. He has offered a lot of insight on the field through the creation of a system that would enable him to create between 250 and 300 oral appliance patients each month. Besides, he has also given tips and ideas on how to get enough sleep and the approaches to take in case a person is faced with these challenges.

From the account of Avi’s career, it is easy to note that most of the time, it is not easy to start a business and make profits as soon as it begins. It requires great efforts and numerous resources in order to succeed. Although he succeeded easily in his dental practice, with the new medical aspect, he had to put in more efforts.