Waiakea Water, the Bottled Water Company with a Heart for the Environment

Scientists have had to come up with ingenious packaging solutions to replace plastic bottles. This is due to the non-degradable nature of plastic bottles. Waiakea Water will be the first company to begin using degradable packaging for their water bottles. The bottle uses TimePlast technology that reduces plastic’s lifespan to 15 years from 1,500 years. This will be the first time a water company is using the TimePlast technology for their bottles.

A TimePlast additive is introduced in the manufacturing process of the bottles to reduce the complication of chemical bond that traditional plastic tends to have. It took 5 years and a grueling 1,200 experiments to finally come up with this product. TimePlast is a plastic that maintains the same qualities as normal plastic. Having to get The United States Patent and Trademark Office approves the patent on a degradable plastic posed as a hurdle. Large petrochemical companies have never managed to obtain such an achievement to date. The bottles used by Waiakea cost about two to three times more than standard plastic bottles. This is due to the TimePlast additive that is used in the manufacturing process.

Waiakea was founded by Ryan Emmons in 2012 after realizing how special Hawaiian volcanic water was. The water is sourced from a source southwest of Hilo. The Mauna Loa volcano acts as a filter and creates a pH and unique mineral composition that comprises of electrolytes that include potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium. The water also boasts of having 30mg of silica, which is normally rated as the ideal amount.

Waiakea produces water from renewable sources. The company has an aquifer that can recharge 1.4 billion gallons of water per rate. The facility in Hawaii uses 33% renewable energy. Waiakea has partnered with PumpAid, a charitable organization that is aimed at creating clean and appropriate water supply to communities, to assist disadvantaged communities in the rural parts of Africa with water.

Waiakea was voted the number one water label of 2017 by 10 Best Water. This is due to their unique concept and bottling process that is aimed at creating happy customers. The company supplies their products to any country in the world that wishes to have a taste of their unique product.