Bob Reina & Talk Fusion Announce New Talk Fusion University

Recently network marketing company Talk Fusion made an exciting announcement when they unveiled their new online training program “Talk Fusion University”. The new program launched to a live international audience and is a private virtual hub that allows Talk Fusion associates from all over the world to receive training and advice directly from Bob Reina, the company’s founder as well as the most successful associates in the company’s system.


Reina has more than 25 years of experience in network marketing, coming to the industry after an already successful career in law enforcement as a sheriff’s deputy in Florida. Back then, network marketing was known as direct selling or MLM (multi-level marketing), and Bob saw it as a great way to earn a little extra income to supplement his meager police salary. After a short period of time, he discovered that he was very good at it and left his position as a police officer in order to pursue it full time ( It turns out that this was a great decision since he has since become one of the most successful heads of a marketing network company in history. How he did this was through the development of his strategic four-step system, and he has done it without any prior sales or business experience. He has since grown Talk Fusion into the world first all-in-one video marketing solution and has positioned the company to be an industry leader for a long time to come.


The lessons that Bob Reina learned the hard way is what he hopes to impart to those who take advantage of this new system. He wants Talk Fusion University to allow those who participate to skip ahead of the hurdles that can hurt those in the marketing network system and get to that place where they can be top earners and start living the life that they deserve. Reina believes that marketing is a team sport and that the most effective way to get high results is to educate every member of the team with strategies that the entire team can implement and duplicate in their own sub-teams.


Bob already shares his experience with the world through his numerous associations, he is a regular contributor to HuffPost and to MarTech Advisor. He also is known for his often boisterous and always uplifting motivational messages that are shared via Facebook LIVE. This new university program, however, takes his training and advice to a whole new level of availability and accessibility for those who can benefit from it the most.


Talk Fusion sells its highly innovative products in a person-to-person system that has allowed it to spread to more than 140 countries. Independent associates distribute the software suite with a 30-day free trial. The unique combination of direct sell marketing with a try before you buy centralized product activation is one of the reasons why Talk Fusion has been so successful in its market share acquisition. It is also one of the main reasons why Bob Reina is considered to be such a generous. It is this type of innovative thinking that he hopes he can inspire for those who take advantage of the university program.