Jeremy Goldstein, Saving Employees and Employers from Retirement Account Headaches

Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate law attorney in New York. His firm, Jeffrey L. Goldstein and Associates is a boutique firm specializing in corporate governance. Goldstein has recently contributed to a blog, regarding information on a better solution for both employers and employees regarding stock options.


Many larger employers offer employees the benefit of purchasing company stocks and also contributing to the purchase of these stocks as a retirement benefit. The problem with offering these options is that they become expensive for the company with accounting costs, as the value must constantly be monitored, or they must outsource the accounting to another company. Employees can lose out if the stock value drops significantly, or, even worse to nothing.


Jeremy Goldstein offers the solution of offering “knockout options.” Simply put, these are the same stocks as before, however, they are capped for losses. Should the stock fall below a certain amount, the company would then sell the stock on behalf of the employee. This helps employees by not having to worry if they’ll ever have enough money to retire. It helps corporations by improving productivity and loyalty by minimizing risk. The accounting is also much simpler for the corporation.


Jeremy Goldstein has worked in the field of corporate governance as a partner in a well-known law firm, before opening his own firm. He’s well educated, having received a Juris Doctor degree from New York University. He also has both bachelors and masters degrees in art history, both from Ivy League universities. Learn more :



Goldstein also makes time for charity work by volunteering at the Fountain House and other charities for children. His dedication to his career and charity are refreshing in the legal profession. This is certainly an executive you’ll be wanting to keep an eye out for in the future.