Business Executive and expert-Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a prominent businessman, investor, entrepreneur, mentor and a writer. Mr. Glen is also known an International business executive. Immediately he graduated from High School, Wakeman joined the University of Chicago. He has a vast experience which runs for almost 21 years with him having lived in more than six countries and working in over 32 countries. Glen Wakeman love to develop business and he does the development using his five structured procedures among them; governance, human capital, risk management, execution as well as leadership. He has been at the forefront of assisting startups to reach their full potential, and he has also founded several organizations.

Glen Wakeman is the founder and the President of Nova Four which is an organization which provides planning advice as well as capital for developing companies. At the firm, Glen plays a significant role in being the Chief Executive officer of coaching as well as performing the board duties. After his graduation from the University of Chicago with an MBA and later the University of Scranton with a BS in Economics and Finance, Mr. Wakeman joined GE Capital where he was responsible for operation management, leadership management, As well as business development. After a year of serving at GE Capital (ThePerfectReporter).

Glen Wakeman is an outstanding leader, Chief executive Officer and President who has not only been successful but has also achieved what other leaders and managers at his position have never reached. He is the founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, which is described as a SAAS company. LaunchPad Holdings is an online business firm which h has a mandate of providing strategic advice to developing organizations. Mr. Wakeman is a blogger and a published writer who blogs a lot advising other investors as well as entrepreneurs. Some of the topics he blogs about includes business transformation, capital raising, angel financing, leadership as well as advice on planning. He loves business growth as well as execution.

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