Jorge Neval Filho Mall is a Brazilian businessman and a renowned cardiologist who has high entrepreneurial skills. He is the co-founder of the D’Or Hospital Network; one of the largest private group of hospitals in Brazil. Jorge also chairs the board of directors in these Hospitals. In the second phase of Health Trends and Impacts of Hospital Management, Jorge Moll was the leader of its activities. He is the leader of the Network’s thirty-two Hospitals. Network’s thirty-two hospital started as an institution of complementary tests in Rio de Janeiro. The complementary tests institution was not present in Brazil before; and after that, it grew to a large excellent Hospital in Brazil. Investing in the health sector was a trajectory of chance taking since from Jorge Moll’s perspective Rio de Janeiro was the “Centre of Medicine” in Brazil in the period of late 1970s to 1980s. However, this state worsened since the hospitals were mainly public institutions. The country, faced with these challenges, lacked quality diagnosis, prompting the businessman to start up the complementary test institution (Facebook). The cardiologist says that Rio de Janeiro is a big city and requires a network of hospitals to cater for the health demands of the people.

Despite a poor start that included huge debts and big social responsibilities of federal and municipal taxes, according to the cardiologist, in the beginning, it was only the operators who got little profit but still did not give up and succeeded. The cardiologist entrepreneur came up with the Total Health Management Model as an alternative to verticalization with its major objective being to provide health care with minimum wastage at a lower cost while using the idleness of hospitals to offer lower cost care ( D’Or Hospital Network has 113 doctors, applies high technology, offers differentiated treatment and has professional care and support givers; this puts them upfront as the best group of hospitals in Brazil.

Jorge Moll and Paulo Chapchap held a public lecturer on present innovative visions of entrepreneurship management health where Jorge Moll put forward his vision of how to make patients loyal by his model that intends to use medical auditors without impairing medical quality.