Why You Should Consider Joining The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is an independent global network bringing together successful entrepreneurs and investors. The organization has members in over 100 countries and associated clubhouses around the world. The organization was founded in 1989. The organization invests in research of several fields that have the potential to bring profits to their 80,000 members.

Since its inception, The Oxford Club has been providing top-rated investment research. Its members enjoy exceptional ideas on competitiveness in the market as well as accumulating long-term wealth. Club members also receive opportunities to share information through regional seminars, online exchanges, and world financial tours. The Baltimore, MD-based organization offers recommendations in several areas including equities, funds, real estate, bonds, currencies and precious metals.

The Oxford Club has three membership levels including Premier Membership, for members who subscribe the club’s paid publications, Director’s Circle Membership, for lifelong members of the club and Chairman’s Circle Membership, the highest and most privileged level of membership.

Business Model

The organization has a unique investment philosophy, which has helped the organization to succeed all through. The Oxford Club researches multiple investment opportunities and identifies the ones with lower risks and highest potential. The organization then shares this information with its members, giving them an edge in the industry. The club also guides its members to create a tax-smart investment portfolio, enabling them access globally proven investment strategies.


The club has three daily e-letters, three newsletters, and several trading services. The three monthly newsletters include The Oxford Income Letter, The Oxford Communiqué, and the Oxford Resource Employer. Through these outlets, The Oxford Club guides investors of all categories from starters to the most experienced.

Investment U

The Oxford Club founded its educational arm, the Investment U in 1999. Investment U offers e-learning services, which benefit subscribers with actionable investment ideas.

Why Join The Oxford Club

Joining the Oxford Club offers you an opportunity to network, access monthly newspapers and gain unique investment strategies in various industries. Additionally, you have access to excellent financial advisory services and global outposts.