Siteline Cabinetry : The Modern Cabinetry Experience

Cabinets in the home should be more than just functional but also beautiful and complementary to the rest of the room. Siteline Cabinetry understands both of these concepts and offers home owners value with exceptional pricing, beauty with numerous styles and colors to choose from, and quality by using modern technology to build sturdy cabinets.

Siteline Cabinetry is the solution when it comes to designing for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, laundry rooms or other spaces in your home or office buildings. All spaces need to be thought out, and designed to achieve maximum storage capacity. Siteline accomplishes this, while working within the family budget. They offer a variety of materials, sizes, and options to make sure specific needs are met. Whether the rooms patterns are modern, traditional or contemporary, Siteline caters to all these unique needs.

These cabinets are not bulk built like many of the big box stores but rather each structure is specially created according to the customer’s design idea. Professional cabinet makers, who have been trained and tested to make sure they can produce the quality, construct all of the individual cabinet frames and doors. In addition, the skilled workers use modern technology to ensure accuracy, and this also allows for faster, more efficient construction. Therefore, the cabinets are delivered in a timely manner.

Sparing no details, finishes are an important feature to consider during the decision making process. In the cabinetry finishing area at the manufacturing plants, which are located in the United States, color and techniques are constantly monitored for consistency. Siteline offers more than forty different base colors. These base paints are from top sellers. With the addition of 130 glazes, there’s a total of more than 280 door finishes.

Siteline Cabinetry prides themselves with 42 years of experience coupled with a client based focus, masterfully building sturdy cabinets, with the ultimate in design selection and quick shipping.