Fabletics: Reaching New Heights

For companies like Fabletics, which rely solely on the power of the crowd, success can easily slip through their fingers. Luckily, Fabletic’s foundation is based on review-centric marketing. Fabletics is a straight-to-consumer brand, which offers deals directly to their members. By using a subscription mechanic to sell directly to their customers, they’ve embraced the modern consumer’s preference of shopping.

The brand, co-founded by Kate Hudson, launched in 2013. Since then, Kate and her team have grown Fabletics into a $250 million business. Much of that success is due to the company’s ability to embrace customer opinions and make necessary changes quickly.

Kate Hudson’s contributions to the company are invaluable. Unlike a lot of other celebrity business owners, Kate Hudson actually works closely with the people running the company. She’s one of the most recognizable fashion icons in the world, so she, of course, works closely with the designers.

Since the beginning, it was important to Hudson that Fabletics makes products for all women. Not every activewear brand makes clothes for older and plus size women. Thanks to her commitment, Fabletics comes across as a brand that wants to inspire women to look and feel their best while encouraging them to become more active and healthy in their daily lives.

Hudson’s decision to expand into plus sizes was validated after realizing the market opportunity for plus-size activewear. Another aspect to Fabletic’s marketing success is slowly encouraging people to change their unhealthy habits. It’s easier to help people along at their pace. As their customers change, so does the fashion.

Also, Kate Hudson works with every department of the company. She can’t properly promote her business if she doesn’t truly know what’s going on. She even works with the advertising department. Last year, she directed her own 30-second social media commercial.

Fabletics learned the power of the crowd early on. Some time ago, one reviewer’s blog post about Fabletics got a lot of attention. To many people’s surprise, the reviewer was not sponsored by Fabletics. Her review was her honest opinion about Fabletics as an activewear brand.

Her conclusion: Fabletics is worth the money. She’d actually recommend Fabletics to her friends or anyone that might be interested in Fabletics. Fabletics even offers a free lifestyle quiz that allows any woman to see what items Fabletics has that she might like.